• How to Chant Torah

    Think you can’t chant? Now you can!

    Cantillation classes with Cantor Levy/Sundays February 26 through April 2 at 12:45pm.

    Have you ever wondered how your childhood cantor came up with those melodies that were recorded on cassette tapes?  Well - cassette tapes may be obsolete, but the rules of cantillation still hold true.  Come to our 6 session crash course on cantillation and emerge a confident Torah chanter!  Please note: While there is no prerequisite for any master vocal ability, it is expected that all students are able to read Hebrew.  Also, this class will focus on basic Shabbat Torah melodies.  Those who already know Shabbat melodies are still encouraged to come to brush up your skills and assist other students.  Our next course will move on to High Holiday melodies.  Any questions, please email Cantor Levy.