• Transgender Equality: How to Make a Difference

    The Reform Movement recently passed a sweeping resolution committing to work for the inclusion and equality of transgender individuals in our synagogues and in our country.  Many thanks to our Community Shabbat panelists: Brynne Madway, Candice Chaplin, Beckie Schatschneider, and Hugo Bresson.

    Candice Chaplin conducts a support group for parents of transgender and gender non-conforming children  You can reach Candice Cchaplin2@gmail.com, 917-647-1016.

    Click for some informative slides.


    1.  Adult reading suggestions: https://www.pflag.org/resource/transgender-reading-list-adults

    2.  Reading with or to children: https://www.pflag.org/transkidsbooks

    3.  Groups in need of volunteers or donations:

    ·         National Center for Transgender Equality

    ·         GLAAD

    ·         Human Rights Campaign

    ·         Camp Aranuti’q (overnight camp for transgender or gender non-conforming children)

    ·         Trans Youth Family Allies

    ·         GLSEN

    ·         Mazzoni Center (Philadelphia-based health organization)