• Community Shabbat with Rabbi Andrea Weiss, Ph.D. PLUS!
    Saturday January 20, 2018   09:30 AM

    9:30am Options:

    1. Adult Ed with Rabbi Andrea Weiss, PhD.
    How can faith inform morality? How can Americans of diverse religious views and political ideologies come together around shared values? Rabbi Andrea Weiss, Associate Professor of Bible at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and Associate Editor of The Torah: A Women’s Commentary, will explore with us relevant writings from American Values, Religious Voices: 100 Days. 100 Letters, a campaign she coordinated that sent letters from scholars of religion to our elected officials in Washington for the first 100 days of the Trump administration. The political will give way to the personal as we read passages of these letters that can guide us toward shared aspirations for our country.

    2. JUST ADDED! Shabbat with My Family, a Reform How-to Session with Cantor Levy
    When most people think of holidays, they think of annual celebrations, but in Judaism there is one holiday that occurs every week - Shabbat/Sabbath. This holiday is central to Jewish Life. As one great Jewish writer has observed: More than the Jewish people has kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish people. The Sabbath truly has been a unifying force for Jews the world over. It's easy, let Cantor Levy show you how.

    3. 6th Grade Family Ed with Rabbis Kalisch and Bernstein
    The second installment of BMJ (B'nai Mitzvah Journey), a special family education program for you and your students, followed by matan parashah, a very special ceremony for 6th graders.

    ▪ 10:30am:
    Shabbat Services with Matan Parshah

    ▪ Noon:
    Shabbat brunch
    Everyone is invited to partake! Don't miss this delicious brunch prepared by Comet Catering