Adult Study

"These are the obligations without measure, whose reward, too, is without measure: To honor father and mother; to perform acts of love and kindness; to attend the house of study daily; to welcome the stranger; to visit the sick; to rejoice with bride and groom; to console the bereaved; to pray with sincerity; to make peace where there is strife. And the study of Torah is equal to them all, because it leads to them all."


Beth David is a house of learning, and learning permeates all aspects of congregational life. We truly believe that Jewish education is a lifelong experience and does not stop at Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, or graduation from high school. Beth David offers a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities, from adult b'nai (bar or bat) mitzvah classes to book groups in members' homes, assuring that all of our congregants will find something that appeals to their desire to grow and learn. 

Shabbat Torah Study

Held at 9:15 AM, is open to all adults. Each Saturday, from September through June, the Rabbi leads a lively discussion on the week's Torah portion in the Temple's library. Come once or make it a habit. No RSVP is needed.

Koffee Kallah

Organized by the Life Long Learning Committee and open to all, this program offers informal learning over Sunday morning brunch, featuring presentations from guest experts in a variety of fields. Among the presenters have been poets, genealogists, physicians, and entertainers. No reservations are needed. There is a nominal charge to cover the cost of brunch. Koffee Kallah is scheduled a few times each year and publicized. Please see Beth David This Week and the Calendar for the most up-to-date information.


Beth David currently has several ongoing Chavurot, study groups open to all adult congregants. We are also most open to supporting more if there is interest that is not being met by current groups and schedules. Chavurah Aleph-Bet is an informal group that meets Sunday evenings approximately once a month at members' homes, for discussion of Jewish topics from archeology to literature to politics. Beit Midrash is a weekly evening women's study session led by preeminent rabbis and rabbinic students. Some of the attendees at Beit Midrash have been studying together weekly for the past 18 years, and they welcome new participants. This group meets on Tuesdays from 7:30-9:30 PM.  

Book Groups

Beth David Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) sponsors two long-standing book clubs that are open to all Beth David women. One group meets on Monday evenings, the other on Wednesday evenings, in the homes of members. In addition, a co-ed book group meets intermittently on Sundays.