Grades 8-10, Upper School

Each year Beth David students make the decision to continue their Jewish learning into later middle school and even high school years. Their motivations are individual — perhaps religious, perhaps social, perhaps practical. Whatever their reasons, they are rewarded with a meaningful, enjoyable experience and a bond with their classmates and teachers.

Beth David Upper School meets on Tuesday evenings and is open to students from 8th through 10th  grades.

Grades 8-10  meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30- 8:30 pm.

The curriculum follows the mission statement of the Religious School, with topics broadened and deepened to meet the growing abilities of the age group. Students contemplate the basic questions, “What is Reform Judaism and what does it mean in my life?” Well-loved teachers use a variety of activities to keep learning lively and relevant, including debates, discussions, and sometimes arguments; art, music, journal writing, cooking, and others.

Social connections are valued by the program as well as by the students. A pre-class pizza dinner is woven into the schedule, offering a chance to mingle and build relationships with classmates.

Madrichim  Program

Upper School students are eligible to be employed  on Sunday morning in the Religious  School. This popular program offers a wonderful experience of education, commitment, and increased responsibility.

Confirmation Year

The exciting culmination of the Upper School is in 10th grade. This year features two highlights. One is a trip to the Religious Action Center in Washington, D.C., where students actively learn about putting the Torah's social justice principles into legislative practice. The other is the Confirmation service, a sacred and memorable event held each year on Shavuot. Students participate in creating and leading the service, making it truly their own.