This year, Passover will once again be different from all other Passovers. Some of us will be on Zoom once again; some of us are finally able to gather with a few other family members or friends. Too many of us will have empty chairs around our tables. But all of us can drink in the message that Passover has offered for so many generations: No matter how long the winter has been, don’t give up hope in springtime. Freedom is coming.

Last year, so many of you contributed videos of yourselves singing for our amazing Dayeinu video. We’ve edited the video for this year, so that we can sing together again, with the hope and gratitude that finally feels within reach.

Reflecting on last year, reframing our understanding of Dayenu,
and remixing our voices – as we celebrate the path to freedom!



Feel like you’ve been on a long journey this year? Eager to get outdoors and walk toward the Promised Land…AND by “Promised Land,” we mean the Bridlewild trail, which is nowhere near Israel, but still quite beautiful! Meet at Beth David for a socially distanced (wear your mask), family-friendly hike (all dogs must be on a leash) with Cantor Goodlev and all her boys!

Email Cantor Goodlev if you are interested!


Please also be sure to check out our Passover video series.  We hope these will be helpful as you prepare for Passover, and potentially during your seder as well.


Passover Plus Yizkor (Memorial) Service

April 3, 9:00 – 10:00am

Did You Miss the Women’s Passover Experience?  Catch it Here!

Passover Sh’ma Groups

We could all use a little connection and a little inspiration these days, so consider joining one of our Passover Sh’ma groups – small groups facilitated by members of our congregation, organized around different shared interests.

Read about the different group topics and sign up here.  Each group will gather for 4 consecutive weeks during the month of March, please plan to attend all 4 sessions. In addition to the main group topic, all groups will include some time for reflection on Passover themes, using inspiration written by our clergy. No experience or knowledge required or expected!

Gone to the Dogs – with Caryn & Lee Rudy

Tuesdays 8:00-9:15pm, started March 2

Many of us have used the unexpected time due to the pandemic to add four-legged friends to our family.  If you have recently adopted a puppy or if you’re a long-time pet owner who has some advice for those who have, this group is for you!  We’ll share the ups and downs of raising a pup and the tips we’ve learned along the way.

Claiming Our Joy– with Ben Goodman

Wednesdays 7:00-8:15pm, started March 3
Despite the challenges of the last year, we can still find joy all around us. But it requires a willingness to look, discipline to stay, and compassion to let it in. In this group, we’ll read from Ross Gay’s award-winning book of essays, “The Book of Delights,” as he leads us on a journey of daily discovery. And together we’ll share our own delightful stories—whether through photos, art, writing, or memory—and encourage each other to find more joy in the everyday. Please obtain a copy of the book prior to the first class. You can find it at the library, your local bookshop, as an audiobook, e-book, and in hardcover here:

The Vegetarian Life – with Lynne Pastor

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:15 pm, starting March 9

Maybe you’ve been vegging out?  Well, newsflash – veggies are IN!! If you want to increase vegetarian meals at your table, weigh the challenges and benefits of being vegetarian, share some favorite recipes, make a vegetarian seder, learn about Reform Jewish thought on vegetarianism, the environment and animal welfare and enjoy a few thoughtful hours, then please join our small group.

Gatherings That Matter– with JoAnne Fischer & Eric Hoffman

Wednesdays, 7:30-8:45pm, starting March 10
Getting together with family and friends can often be difficult even without the added strain of a pandemic. This group will help us to create meaningful holiday traditions and memorable family gatherings even when we can’t meet in person.  Discussions will include how to plan a memorable Passover Seder on Zoom.

Question? Interested in starting a new group we haven’t thought of yet? We would love to hear from you!

Rabbi Beth Kalisch –, Cantor Lauren Goodlev –

Susan Cohen-Dickler and Jennifer Rose, Sh’ma Groups Co-Chairs