Aliyah: Literally means “going up” – in the case of a Shabbat morning service, it refers to “going up” (physically and spiritually!) for the honor of blessing the Torah.  (Plural: aliyot)

Ark: The cabinet situated in the center of the east wall of the synagogue in which the scrolls of the Torah are kept.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Son/daughter of the commandment.

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah: Children of the commandment.

Bimah: Pulpit, the raised platform in front of the sanctuary.

D’var Torah: English interpretation of Torah portion and its relevance in our lives.

Haftarah: The weekly portion from the Prophets that is read after the reading of the Torah.

Kiddush: Literally, “sanctification.” Blessing over the wine.

Matan Parashah: The granting of the Torah portion during a Shabbat service for our upcoming B’nai Mitzvah students.

Mitzvah: Commandment; a religious and moral obligation to be responsible to Jewish observance, teachings, and practices.  (Plural: mitzvot)

Oneg Shabbat: Literally, “Joy of the Sabbath.”  A special celebration held following services, including refreshments.

Simcha: Joyous event.

Torah: The five books of Moses; the scroll from which the Torah reading is conducted.

Tzedakah:  Righteousness, helping, and giving – in various forms including time or money.