Whether this is your first or fifth time through this process as a parent, becoming B’nai Mitzvah is a significant event in any Jewish child’s life and will certainly be a unique experience. The journey can be stressful and requires focus, commitment, and a balancing of priorities. Students may need to adjust their schedule and other activities to allow adequate time for the demands of their preparation. The Beth David clergy and professional staff encourage you to meet as a family well in advance to discuss how you plan to accommodate enough time for practice in light of your family’s busy life.

The B’nai Mitzvah process is a bonding experience for families and in many ways is as meaningful as the actual day when your child becomes B’nai Mitzvah. Family members should choose tasks or assume responsibilities that will keep them involved in the process. Parents can help by listening to their children chanting Torah, Haftarah, and blessings, regardless of personal Hebrew knowledge or confidence. They can also work with their children on the meaning and relevance of the Torah text in English, which will eventually become the D’var Torah. Whether or not you are Jewish, and whether or not you became b’nai mitzvah yourself, you will be one of your child’s most important teachers along this journey. The involvement of the entire family at home serves as a great support to the B’nai Mitzvah candidate in addition to what we hope to provide here at Beth David.

In response to all the hard work your child will be doing, you will have the opportunity during the B’nai Mitzvah Saturday Morning service to share your pride with all those in attendance. The clergy is happy to help you find the right words to reflect on this exciting journey.