How often should I practice?
We find it is best if you practice 5 days a week, for 20-30 minutes at a time. That gives you 2 days of rest – God only took 1!  Seriously, it is much better to do a little bit each day throughout the week, rather than cramming everything at once!

Any tips for how to remember to practice?
Yes! If you have an assignment notebook or phone app where you normally list other school subjects like math and science, just add one new category for B’nai Mitzvah prep. Another tip is to leave a sign or post-it where you will see it everyday (bedroom, bathroom, etc) that says “Did I practice for my B’nai Mitzvah?” Other students have found it helpful to set reminders on their phones. Find what works for you!

Are there any resources to help me practice?
Yup! Access the Beth David DropBox where you will find audio recordings and visual files of all required prayers.