Name Position Role in B’nai Mitzvah Process Contact Information
Cantor Lauren Goodlev Cantor – Torah & Haftarah Check-ins
– Supervision of tutors
– Honors Form
– Mitzvah Project
– Rehearsal
(610)896-7485 x102

Rabbi Beth Kalisch Rabbi – D’var Torah (student speech)
– Parent Speech
(610)896-7485 x101
Rabbi Elisa Koppel Director of Education – Education in preparation for B’nai Mitzvah (610)896-7485 x106
Chedva Steranko Executive Clergy Assistant – Scheduling appointments with clergy (610)896-7485 x108
Jill Cooper Executive Director – Logistics with all non-ritual matters
– Financial and administrative concerns
(610)896-7485 x104