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Covid Vaccine Appointment Help

March 12 @ 8:00 am - May 31 @ 5:00 pm

Are you or one of your loved ones eligible under Pennsylvania Phase 1A to get the Covid vaccine but are having difficulty finding an appointment? Beth David would like to help. There is a group of volunteers who are computer savvy and have developed a skill to help find open Covid vaccine appointments. As discussed below, Beth David will help you sign up with the PA Covid Vaccine Match Makers group on Facebook so that their team of volunteers might be able to get you a covid vaccine appointment.

If you would like assistance in making a Covid vaccine appointment and would like to be connected with PA Covid Vaccine Match Makers Facebook Group, please read on! If you would like to volunteer to help Beth David with this project, read on as well!

Under Phase 1A in Pennsylvania, the vaccine is currently being distributed to:

‚Ė™¬†Long-term care facility residents
‚Ė™¬†Health care personnel including, but not limited to:
‚Ė™¬†Emergency medical service personnel
‚Ė™¬†Nursing assistants
‚Ė™¬†Dental hygienists
‚Ė™¬†Pharmacy technicians
‚Ė™¬†Health professions students and trainees
‚Ė™¬†Direct support professionals
‚Ė™¬†Clinical personnel in school settings or correctional facilities
‚Ė™¬†Contractual HCP not directly employed by the health care facility
‚Ė™¬†Persons not directly involved in patient care but potentially exposed to infectious material that can transmit disease among or from health care personnel and patients
‚Ė™¬†Persons ages 65 and older
‚Ė™¬†Persons ages 16-64 with high-risk conditions:
‚Ė™¬†Chronic kidney disease
‚Ė™¬†Down Syndrome
‚Ė™¬†Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies
‚Ė™¬†Immunocompromised state (weakened immune system) from solid organ transplant or from blood or bone marrow transplant, immune deficiencies, HIV, use of corticosteroids, or use of other immune weakening medicines
‚Ė™¬†Obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 30 kg/m2 or higher but < 40 kg/m2)
‚Ė™¬†Severe Obesity (BMI ‚Č• 40 kg/m2)
‚Ė™¬†Sickle cell disease
‚Ė™¬†Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Based on the above qualifiers, if you are eligible to receive the vaccine and have been unable to successfully navigate what has unfortunately turned out to be a very difficult appointment system, we can help.

Please understand Beth David will not be involved in procuring any of the appointments, and therefore cannot guarantee that you will get one. We will only be serving in the capacity of assisting in filling out a form to get you a ‚ÄúFinder‚ÄĚ (a volunteer with experience) to try to schedule a Covid vaccine appointment for you. The information that you will be providing will NOT include any sensitive personal information such as a Social Security number or insurance information. However, information such as your name, birthdate, address, County you live in, phone number, email address and pre-existing conditions will be provided to the volunteers in the PA Covid Vaccine Match Maker group. If you do not feel comfortable providing this information to an unknown person then you might want to try to do it yourself by using the tips on ‚Äúhow to book an appointment‚ÄĚ on the PA Covid Vaccine Match Makers Facebook page.

If you are interested in having Beth David assist you in getting an appointment with PA Covid Vaccine Match Makers please contact Dena, dmarchiony@bdavid.org

If you feel that you are able to fill out the form yourself CLICK HERE for the online PA Covid Vaccine Match Maker ‚ÄúSeeker‚ÄĚ form.

If you would like more information about PA Covid Vaccine Match Makers Facebook Group, please contact Abby Mezrow, abby_mezrow@hotmail.com.



If you can help our Beth David community by volunteering for this effort which only requires data entry into an online form, please contact Lisa Miller, lmiller@bdavid.org


March 12 @ 8:00 am
May 31 @ 5:00 pm